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Tu otra bonita.

Re-edition of the song and videoclip "La alegría de vivir". From Ray Heredia to Tu otra bonita. 

Ray Heredia, with “Alegría de vivir” (the joy of life), managed to leave a mark on an entire generation in the 90’s. Ray is one of the pioneers who provided the tools to fuse Spanish pop and Flamenco.

Tu otra bonita wants to pay tribute to this Spanish pop artist through re-edits in 2021.

A song that speaks of the power of love. Of the power to take you to heaven or hell, love doesn’t understand age, nor race, nor money, nor religion. Love builds or it destroys, it devastates no matter who is in its path. This we know because we have experienced it. Wisdom is given to us by having lived, and by having made right and wrong choices throughout our lives.

This story is told to us by Josefa and Alberto, a married couple from Madrid who have been married for over 44 years. A true story, a story to celebrate because life changes and love devastates, but the experience and the wisdom of having lived it allows you to face it, deal with it, and manage it with courage and energy so that you can continue being the owner of your life. That’s the joy of life.



Disco de oro



A project in

collaboration with:


Tu otra bonita + Warner Music.

Creative Direction:

Pablo Barrionuevo + Elena García Menéndez

Art Direction:

Elena García Menéndez


The Royal Production Company


Joaquín Luna


Tu otra bonita

Musical Production:

Tato Latorre

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