My name is Elena García Menéndez. I am 37 years old. I have studied fine Arts. I have always persuaded my dreams trying to develop my creativity and my passions. 


I have been working on different environments related to my studies: Printers, graphic design companies, digital agencies, multinational and national companies, 360º y media agency. Nowadays I work as a creative manager in dommo, promoting team work, collaboration and equality amongst colleagues. I reflected on campaings such as chicfy, #realinfluencers, justeat or kfc, just to mention a few.

I like meeting new people and facing new challenges. Constant  learnings is my motto. This year, in addition to quit smoking, I have embarked on my first business experience and become a

co-founder and partner at the creative production agency RANDM with which we have produced pieces such as chicfy. I am not sure which project is being more challenging but both experiences have been very enriching.




people with brands.


Creating Platforms.


Through observation, planning, creativity, art, production and socialization. CULTURE.


The ideas that generates impact in society.


Creativity as a tool for social change.


Team work.

Leadership based on empathy and demand. Balance.


Personalised education.

The search of the beauty and the different ways it is applied for each brand, adaptability.

Recognise and assume the situation of the company as a starting point to develop growth.


Design for people.

The importance of including the client in the work process.

Learnings, and feedbacks to growth.

I belive in

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