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36 hercios.

Helps young creatives to find their voice

In recent years, women have changed our tone of voice by 36 hertz.

As we gain rights and a presence in the labor market, our voice grows more serious. This unconscious variation seeks to imitate the male stereotype, associated with power and leadership, with the intention of being more considerate and visible.


One of the clearest examples is found in Margaret Thatcher, who changed her voice considerably as she gained authority.


Do we really have to change a physiological trait in order to be heard?

From Más Mujeres Creativas, the initiative that promotes equal opportunities For female talent in the advertising sector, we believe that the solution is not to change your voice, but to empower what we already have.


How? Getting five young speakers chosen from the entire Más Mujeres Creativas community to raise their voices and inspire the public with their creative and unique vision of the world. They will be the protagonists of the 36 Hertz presentations at the CdeC National Creativity Awards to be held in San Sebastián on March 29.

We help young creative women find their own voice with a team of expert communication mentors, who guided and advised each of the selected ones to face the CdeC scenario.

Creative women as Ana Rujas, Martina Hache, Rebeca Khamlichi or Carla Tovias help us to spread the message as ambassadors.

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