Pollo Pollo.

Chicken Chicken.


KFC has contacted us

to improve its brand positioning

in the Spanish market.

In Spain nobody considers chicken

as fast food, so our strategic decision making

was to place chicken as

the topic of conversation.


Chicken chicken is made in Kentucky

Branding goal:

To be the best **** chicken in the world

+16%sales increase.

video concept



became to look kfc, started to speak about chiken chiken.

Ready to apply our

chicken chicken platform!

Creators started

to work with kfc. 


We gave it

the most iconic elements

of the initial campaign:


The Chicken chiken song.

KFC´S Visual Identity.

The concept Chicken Chicken.

We created

the  chicken chicken promo jacket

to show our promo at tv spot.

The jacket become viral so we decided

to present our followers with them.



We don´t want perfect food,

we want "real" food.

How to apply the new south in Spain. 

Brand book.


with creators to create a

deserable brand.