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How to become relevant to millenial target on 2015

A big challenge:

To conquer the most difficult target: Millennials. And to get into their culture, we stopped behaving as a Brand. A great strategy, a tone of voice that shows how a Brand should behave in the near future.


This exercise that won the pitch even made our agency develop a new department called Culture and Entertainment, focused on bringing this forward thinking to even more brands.

We created a random brand. We worked with creators that helped us to feed the brand.


For example
we played
with random parties, you didn't know what its going to happen there.
We created a crazy imaginary that a Vj. used on direct.


Pride Bear.
Gay Pride.
We built a sculpture representing the pride of Madrid. 

We called
Boris Hoppek to create this icon and take it to Sol,
near the Bear, Madrid's Icon.


Sevilla's Fair.
Using sevillanas (typical music from the region) we created a funny way to say the things that you never say to someone.

Create your own Sevillana and tell your friend ..."hey friend... your  girlfriend is on tinder"
You could combine infinite messages with a fb app.

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