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Que nos quiten lo bailao

San Miguel.

Advertising campaign.

After years deprived of something so basic as touching and hugging, after two years of dancing alone in our homes… Finally, we can return to that skin-to-skin mode that we missed so much. Festivals are back.

Let’s toast. Let’s toast to the millions of people who learned that each day must be lived as if it were the last dance. And who better to help us toast than an expert brand and leader of all the partying and imbibing that we love so much. A brand that defines us Spaniards.

Together with the ACC Agency for San Miguel, we present  “que nos quiten lo bailao”, the first concept that you’ll absolutely want to sign as a way of life.

To launch it we made all of Spain dance close together again, reissuing the most famous and culturally relevant Spanish ballad “bailar pegados” (dance closely together) by the young, up and coming artist Judeline. We also created a dance floor at this year’s festival so that nobody stopped dancing.


2MM campaign reach.

+744k PR value

115.000 people impacted at the festival. 

Screenshot 2022-10-01 at 10.09.16.png

Creative concept, re-edit of the song and music curator, campaign launch and pieces, videoclip, bbk festival event.  

A project in collaboration with:

Agency: ACC

Client: Cerveza San Miguel

Creative Direction: Elena García Menéndez

Art Direction: ACC + Elena García Menéndez

Strategy: ACC

Design: ACC

Account director: ACC

Audiovisual production: The royal production company

Audiovisual director: Mario Abadía

Music Artist: Judeline

Music producer: Mayo

Music curator: Ale Acosta.

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