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Name the brand. 

Brand repositioning.

Fashion is for Fun.

Let’s be honest: We love talking about clothes, fashion, what to wear, about the awesome look I already have in my closet for this summer, what everyone else is wearing, and where to find the best combinations, deals, and most ideal garment in all of Madrid! I love rags, fashion, haute couture, second hand threads, and evvvvverything there is to do with what we call f a s h i o n.

I enjoy the post-wedding even more, showing my mother how the bride, her cast of friends, ladies, and older and younger women were all dressed. We talk for hours about the best and worst. We also talk of the… “she probably should’ve stayed home”, or the “she was super cute!”

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always played looking at HOLA!(Spanish fashion magazine) and pretended to be an expert in fashion. Now with instagram I can spend hundreds of hours recreating myself selecting new looks and adding them to my wishlist.

But sometimes I begin to feel pressure … as if speaking about it or declaring that I’m one of those girls that likes wearing lipstick and high heels, (depending on which circles)… gives an image of being … superficial and uncultured?? Of an unmodern girl with shaved pits??

Well, if that’s how it is then I declare myself super pink and girly, because all my life I’ve been passionate about it and enjoyed it. Guys have always seemed intelligent to me with their futball, their disconnection, their maximum entertainment, and we girls have it too. That’s why we created Name the Brand.

Name the brand will abandon fashion as entertainment, we’ll elevate fashion to the futball category! Let’s make femininity, speaking about clothes, threads, and awesome looks the national sport! Let’s give it back the place it deserves.

Because something that is so ours, they can never take away from us.

And of course, they aren’t only things for girls. ;)



the new communication platform for NTB:


is for Fun

Fashion is pure entertainment. We reclaim fashion as fun, entertainment, and feminity.


We create a new branding to rebuild the brand. 

New tone of voice.

New visual. 

We are girlgs gang.

We are a channel led by a group of friends who enjoy talking about fashion.

Screenshot 2022-10-02 at 16.57.43.png
Screenshot 2022-10-02 at 16.57.51.png


A 2 month project to develop and implement the mid-size brand platform:

Strategy and repositioning of the brand, creative concept, rebranding, verbal and visual tone, corporate identity, creative spikes, photo shoot, content pillars, social strategy, brand book

A project in collaboration with:


Name the brand

Creative Direction:

Elena García Menéndez + Pablo Barrionuevo

Art Direction:

Elena García Menéndez

Graphic Design:


Graphic Production:

Gema López Pérez


Lala Serrano

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