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A new phone company arrives to speak to the richest generation in history. The generation that has crossed borders thanks to technology. A generation that has access to what they want, just by picking up the phone. They can send a story to Miley Cirus, have thousands of followers around the world, fall in love today and we'll see tomorrow, creators that create a new way to work. A generation that has changed the vision of love, intimacy, their relationship with the planet, the future of work, their way of accessing content and social relationships.

Fi network has the product, its gasoline to amplify what they are, we are the athena that help them do, do and do, teach and collaborate. WE ARE THE OTHER NETWORK. WE ARE FI.

For the launch of the new brand we created the WE ARE ALL RICH campaign. Twelve spots for television, where we show who they are and all what they have achieved. A self-portrait of the generation to show themselves to the world, to shout that they are the richest generation in history.

We called generation z music creators who could tell what they are and how they see the world. Aleesha, Michael de la Calle, Bejo and Sticky MA, by the hand of  musical producer MercaBae create12 songs that we showed on television as a video clip.

Aleesha, Michael de la Calle, Bejo and Sticky MA create 12 originals songs for our launch campaign. 


How to create a connectivity new brand focus on GenZ

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