Tuenti Móvil

this is one of my old favourite campaigns.

In 2010 Social Network Tuenti called us to launch a new mobile company: Tuenti Móvil. Their aim was to create a great impact on youngest throught an unbeatable commercial offer: 1gb for 6€... but who ***** knows what a Gigabite is for?. We explained in a funny campaign. We used simple examples to make people understand how they can used their Gigas such as 1gb was 12546 videos or 67898 photos.



The concept

of the campaign is:

Your life is mesured

in gigas.

Results | 

50% more sales

5.000.000. of views on youtube.

A lot of versions on rrss from users.

Our song "lo tengo todo papi" was nº1 on itunes 

during 3 weeks.

We started

with this video

that win


on youtube.

Have a look into videocase.

We are looking the same photos

that our target share with their mobiles.

We called the photograper Alberto Vanstokkum

for made it real!.

Outdoor campaign help us more visibility and speak same language than tenns.


Your life is mesure in Gigas.



1 Giga of...

We take photos of

the most authentic places of each neighborhood of Madrid. Stick it on their own walls and invite people to take their own photos.


from users, that make me smile :)

Special moments

for tv.

1Gb is that you could watch your favourite serie... so, we announce your favourite series in

our tv moments.