Art direction.

Graphically we wanted

to evoque what happens on your holidays. 

The taking and sharing of photos, the sending of postcards, the buying of souvenirs and telling everyone what you are

doing all day!

We created a communication platform for Pullmantur cruises.

They didn't have a differential position when compared to other cruise companies. Until now, they built on category but not on their brand.

Key strategy solutions:

100% Spaniards

To break away from the category in order to gain a new point of view into "LOWXURY" and begin building their brand.


Holidays are the reward for the effort you make during the entire year, and you constantly dream about being on holidays.


Estar Delujo.

To be in a perfect situation.

Estar Delujo is a common expression that you say in Spain when you are "in heaven" or in a perfect situation. When you are with friends drinking a beer and eating a nice tapa of jamón serrano... people say, "Estoy de lujo". Because to be "in heaven", is not to own a golden bath.. to be "in heaven" is not knowing or caring if today is Monday or Saturday... it's raising your hand and saying to the waitress, "The usual, please."


How to reposition a brand.


+24% Notoriety of the brand in front of 2016.

+51% Advertising Notoriety in front of 2016

n1º satisfaction rating in front of Royal Caribbean, Costa and MSC.

We made

a production design

to produce most pieces without


Have a look

at the video concept.


our new tone

of voice.

Tv ads.

We created

a digital campaign.

Little pills

that shows our

new tone

of voice for each

different targets.

We had some

handicaps in production

with pullmantur. 

One, the budget.

Two, the availability

to boarding on the cruise.

So... we decide produce 

mixing between imagen

bank and shooting

on the see. 

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4 days boarding with a real family in a real experience with pullmantur was our way to became a real imaging bank for the brand.