How to

speak about death.


20 publications in regional and digital media

Interaction >80%

+3000 share on fb, organical.

It is a challenge to work with a mortuary brand. Speaking about death is always something really difficult.

They contacted us because they wanted a PR. action on the 1st of December, as special day in Spain.

We tried to focus on the idea of a mortuary as something positive that honors life.


One day to remember them.


In Spain, the 1st of December, most people go to cementeries with flowers to put on tombs and honour death people in their families. We decided to make people aware of this tradition in a positive way.

Madrid woke up with gardens on the walls. We wrapped the city with floral posters. Our idea was to make people realized that this day is a great day to remember.

We hadn't budget

but we wanted to get

PR. value.

We create an action and produce in a cheaper way, street mk and istock was

our allies.