Catalunyan regional elections #21D:

Being unable to talk and coming to an agreement... let´s support #follem (#letsfuck). A movement to relieve tensions and buid bridges across Spain and Catalonia #follem promotes a sincere and peaceful dialogue because there is nothing better than love. 

#21D #elenccionescatalanas #catalunya #españa #love #follem #parlem


We developed this like an internal project in Randm.

We launched the campaign two days before Catalan regional elections. #21d.


The Catalunyan independence is genereting an internal war in Spain. 

Spain is divided, arguments between families and friends are occurring more and more often. Something very weird is happening in this country! People are putting Spanish and Catalonian flags in their windows, taking one side or the other (in a country where since the era of Franco, almost no one has wanted to be distinguished by this icon).