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We relaunched the coolest phone Company in Spain, Yoigo.

We had the though challenge of refreshing a very whitty tone of voice, adding colors, rhythm and power. Here is the result: a party of colors that shouted: Long live the difference!!

In the last 10 years, yoigo had made a fantastic way with the brand, so ... if you had to change something that its nice its a difficult work.

we transfer the colors

of the logo to the rest of the brand.

Relaunch the brand shouting "long live the difference"

Tv spots:

Comunicate the new way of yoigo.

The new rates.

Neil Harbisson

What colors sound like?

Neil is the first cyborg artist

in the hole world.

Our brand

spoke through "different" people.

We brought Neil to an spanish advertising festival to spoke about colors.

Organic positioning its made by users with parodies of tv advert.