Claro que sí


Chicfy is an exclusive community for women

to buy and sell your own clothes.


the objetive:

increase sales by 50%

promote chicfy's app

Despite the fact of having a low budget, we created a hight impact demo-commercial to show how the app works.

We found as a differential point that chicfy's users create their own language so we decided to use some of the most popular phrases to get people's attention:"hazme una rebajita"(give me a discount) or "claro que si guapi"(of course darling)

Our "Magic" formula for the success: Hype song + a sticky dance +

a popular phrase.

Our campaign became

to be a social phenomenon.

Results | 

+1 million of downloads on first month.

188% clothes shell compare to last year

+4.4 millions of visualizations on Youtube

Hundreds of parodies

Millions in earned media PR value

Buzzfeed stated "the campaign of the year in Spain"

Our hype song became  number one in Spotify for several weeks

Our sticky dance made everybody dance "twerk" in Spain.

The Huffington post said we created the phrase of the year in Spain "claro que si guapi" (Of course Darling)

video concept

Tv Spot.

We made demo commercial with a "magic" formula for the success.

Hype song +

Sticky dance + 

Popular phrase